Park Guidelines (July 1, 2020)

Welcome to the 1770 W. I-30 RV Park.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your stay with us and we hope that you will treat our Park as you would your own property.  Park guidelines (aka “Rules and Regulations”) are based on common sense, common courtesy and in the best interest of your park.

Following is a list of guidelines for our guests.  They are easy to follow and will be enforced for the betterment of the community.  Please keep the following in mind, as they sum up the park regulations:

  • Keep your RV and the area around your vehicle clean.
  • Respect your neighbor’s rights and be courteous to others.
  • Rentals are due on the first day of your stay; depending on whether you are a daily, weekly, or monthly guest pay your rental on-time.


Application Process:

It is the policy of the park to have all weekly and monthly guests make an advance application at least one week in advance of a planned arrival.  The application process will include a credit check of the renting guest and criminal a background check of the renting guest and any other adult occupant of the renting guest.  An applicant, or an applicant’s guest who will be living with the applicant, having been convicted of a Class B or A misdemeanor, or Felonies as defined by the Texas laws will not be accepted as a guest in the park.  Applicants must also demonstrate a good credit history with a FICO score of 550 or greater.

Rental Agreement:

Prior to admission to a site a guest shall sign the Park’s standard form RV Site Services Agreement document.  The RV Site Services Agreement does not constitute a Landlord/Tenant relationship.


All payments will be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card, or AMEX only) as cash or checks are not acceptable forms of payment.  Payments for daily and weekly stays are due prior to arrival and are to be made through the park’s website payment link prior to arrival to the premises.  Renewals of daily and weekly rentals are due 24 hours in advance of the renewal date and shall be paid for the entire length of stay rented / renewed.  In addition to the rental paid the guest shall also pay a deposit equal to the length of the initial stay, said deposit shall be refunded to the tenant’s credit card account used at such time the guest has disconnected from all utility services provided by the park, has moved their vehicle from the RV site to the nearest exit to the public roadway, has cleaned the site to its original condition at the time of rental, and has returned any property issued to the guest by the park.  Monthly, or extended stay guests shall pay a deposit equal to one month’s rental, plus one month’s rental in advance of occupying a space.  Thereafter an extended guest rent is due on monthly basis and shall be paid, or before the first day of the month.  Any extended stay guest payment received after the 3rd day of the month shall be considered “late” and subject to a “late fee” of $50.00.  If an extended stay tenant has not made the payment for the upcoming month by the 5th of the month the guest will be considered to be in default of the RV Site Services Agreement and shall be subject to legal action provided by Texas law.  Deposits for a monthly rental will not be pro-rated for a shortened stay; a deposit for an extended stay guest will be refunded subject to the conditions listed above for a daily or weekly guest and provided the monthly/extended stay guest has remained a guest for the rented length of stay.

Restrictions – RV’s & Other Vehicles

There is no age limit for your RV, however the following restrictions apply:

  1. RV’s must be street legal and in good and sound condition, and:
    • All original type parts shall be installed.  There will be no broken glass, doors, or trim.
    • The exterior must be clean and there shall be no stains, discolorations of any kind, rust, or missing paint on the vehicle.
    • Decals and lettering shall be in good shape.
    • Non-standard writing on the home is not allowed.
    • Window air conditioning units are not allowed.
    • No foil, or non-standard blinds or drapery is allowed.
    • No tarps or covers will be applied over the body of a vehicle.
    • Any vehicle older than ten (10) years is subject to inspection and must be approved by the management of the park.
    • All vehicles must be approved by the management of the park.
  2. Two vehicles are allowed per one RV site.
    • Vehicles cannot leak oil on its parking surface
    • No trash shall be stored in either vehicle
    • No mechanical work or maintenance/service work can be performed on either vehicle while it is in the park property.
    • Vehicles without mufflers, or otherwise “loud” vehicles are not permitted on the park property.
  3. No boats or trailers are permitted on the property.
  4. Parking
    • No parking on grass areas is permitted.
    • No parking on a roadway is permitted.
  5. Antennas/Satellite Dishes
    • Antennas/Satellite Dishes must be attached to the RV.
    • No stand-alone poles are allowed.
    • All antennas must be approved by management prior to installing on a vehicle.



A maximum of two (2) persons over the age of 18 years are permitted to occupy one RV site.

In addition to two adult residents occupying an RV site, one (1) child up to the age of 18 may occupy the same RV site with the adults, provided that the child is supervised by one of the adults at all times.  At no time may a child be left unattended on a guest’s RV site, or on the Property.

Speed Limit:

When driving within the Park, please keep your speed at 5 MPH, or less.


Pets are allowed in the Park.  However, pets are limited to domestic cats and non-aggressive breeds of dogs weighing less than 75 lbs.  Exotic animals are not permitted in the Park.

Your pet is your responsibility.  A pet must be kept secure and under your control at all times.  Dogs must be “on-lead” at all times when it is not inside of your RV, except when it is with you at the fenced dog park.  When inside of the dog park a dog may be off lead while within the fenced area.  Dog parks are usable by ALL residents; however, you must pick up your animal’s waste and dispose of it properly in one of the trash receptacles provided within the dog park area.  Dogs may not be left unattended at the park, or at the guest’s RV space.  Excessive barking will not be tolerated.  If management receives complaints, you may be asked to leave the premises.

Please remove any of your animal’s waste deposited on your RV site at all times and dispose of it properly.


  • No open campfires are permitted.  Manufactured outdoor cooking charcoal grills are permitted.
  • No clotheslines are allowed.
  • No tent camping or sleeping in vehicles outside of the RV is permitted.
  • No mats, rugs, etc. are allowed on grass areas.
  • Smoking is prohibited in any Park building.  Please dispose of smoking materials in proper receptacles.  Do not throw them on the ground, especially in your site area.
  • No criminal or drug related activity in or near the Park will be tolerated.
  • Absolutely no discharge or use of firearms or fireworks is allowed.
  • All weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  • No open carry of firearms is permitted on the Park Property.
  • A sewer hose “donut” or “L” connector is required.  Do not put any wipes, female products or any other objects that could stop up the sewer line.  If these products cause the sewer to not work and are found in the line the park guest will be responsible for the cost to remove the stoppage as determined by the plumbing company.
  • Excessive noise/nuisances created by guest/visitors will not be tolerated.
  • Common courtesy shall prevail between all persons on RV Park property.  Obnoxious, profane, abusive or threatening language, behavior and, or actions directed at RV Park personnel or guests, or that could adversely affect the enjoyment of other parties utilizing our property is prohibited; anyone engaging in such activity will be required to leave the Park immediately without a refund at the sole discretion of Park management.